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Digitising Agriculture
Agriculture is the single greatest driver of climate change on the planet.

We believe that by digitising today's agricultural practices and then using the data to create innovations through AI analysis and automation, we can create a new, sustainable agricultural paradigm.

Agrilarity - Digitising agriculture and beyond.

The Green Revolution agricultural techniques popularised by Norman Borlaug in the 50's and 60's were absolutely necessary to provide food for a rapidly increasing global population. This system was so successful that it is still the globally dominant practice for growing crops.

Undernourished in developing world population, 1961-71 to 2010 (percent)

Green Revolution agriculture effectively outsourced seed, soil, and pest management historically done on farm to companies that became today's global agricultural giants.

Graph 1 Graph 1

Indicators of global crop production intensification, 1961-2007 Index (1961 = 100)

As the chart demonstrates, our ability to replace soil fertility with artificial inputs is diminishing. We need to change our farming habits significantly if we are to feed 9bn people by 2050.

Graph 2

We believe that the next agricultural revolution will be digital & automated.

Current agricultural measurement is crude and point in time, it needs to be accurate and real time if we are to affect revolutionary change.

Through their role on Singularity University's Exponential Advisory Board our founders realised that the technologies required to begin the next agricultural revolution are available today, just spread across many different industries and disciplines.

Agrilarity has been founded to promote and implement increased digitisation & automation of agricultural processes that can reduce cost, waste, and inefficiencies.

We believe that systematic agricultural digitisation will enable us to ultimately discover new, ecologically friendly ways of producing the food we need to feed the planet.

Current Agrilarity Projects

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Digitisation & automation of manual processes, enabling Big Data analytics for enterprises. Flux Homepage

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